Our mentoring programme

Practical details

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6-month period

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Minimum 2 meetings per month

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At the mentor’s place of work

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Workshops and networking events

How does it work?


The goal is to build a trusting relationship between two people who put the best of their experience and skills to work helping mentees in their search for work. These two people form a duo for the mentoring period, and are supervised by the Team4Job project manager.

The mentor and the mentee work together and draw up an action plan, which acts as the reference for each meeting to measure the progress and the results. The progress of the mentee’s search for work is communicated to the project manager throughout the 6-month period.

Frequency of meetings

The duo agrees to meet at least twice a month for a maximum of 6 months at the mentor’s place of work. It is essential that the meetings are complemented by phone or email exchanges in order to reinforce the feeling of commitment and a bond of trust.

Workshops and networking events

Throughout the 6-month mentoring period, Team4Job holds workshops and networking events for the mentees and the mentors.

There are several objectives to these workshops: to support the personal development of the mentee/mentor, facilitate the sharing of experience between the mentees/mentors, to share basic coaching tools, and inform our mentors of the challenges of the job market.

A process in several phases.

Phase 1: Pre-mentoring

  • Information session
  • Registration & screening by phone
  • Individual interview
  • Matching

Phase 2: Mentoring

  • First meeting
  • Signature of the enrolment document
  • Six-month mentoring and personalised monitoring by Team4Job
  • Closing interview

Phase 3: Post-mentoring

  • Follow-up one year later